AutoStar CCD Photometry

A Step-By-Step Guide For Doing Serious Astronomy

Hopkins Phoenix Observatory

Now – a book to help the beginner and advanced astronomer do serious science.

This 128 page softcover book shows how, using the inexpensive Meade DSI Pro CCD Camera and included AutoStar software, you can be doing professional level photometry in short order. While the book addresses the use of a DSI Pro series cameras (DSI Pro , DSI Pro II and DSI Pro III) and AutoStar software, much of the book applies to any CCD camera and software. You can also learn more about imaging and hidden features of AutoStar.

Learn how to take flat fields, make a light box, determine your extinction and color transformation coefficients. Suggested projects are also included.

The book sellls for $24.95 US$ + S&H.

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