SSP- 4 Infrared Photometry

What is the SSP-4?

SSP - 4 Infrared Photometer on a 12" LX200 GPS Telescope

After nearly 20 years and several attempts, Optec has developed a new Near-IR photometer for medium to large size telescopes. Relatively new InGaAs PIN photodiodes designed for the fiber optics communication market have reached very high performance levels compared to the IR detectors of earlier times. It is now possible to design and build an IR photometer, which allows a great many stars to be observed accurately in the J (1250nm) and H (1650nm) photometric bands. Using custom J-band and H-band filters the SSP- 4 allows amateur astronomers with 10-inch and larger telescopes to perform a level of scientific measurement unheard of just a few years ago.

SSP- 4 Information

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SSP- 4 Notes

Software Information

Observation Techniques


Dark Counts

White Papers

IR Photometry Introduction

Air Mass


Color Transformation

IR Data Reduction

Least Squares Method

SSP- 4 Observing Projects

Delta Orionis

44 Boo



Chi Aqr

Del Cep

Del Sco

Del Orionis

Eta Car

Epsilon Aurigae



V Vir

FH Vir

IK Tau

IM Peg

Omi Cet

Mu Gem

Lambda Tau

L2 Pup


R Aqr

R Cen

R Car

R Leo

R Lyr

Rho Cas

Rho Per

RR Eri

S Vir

SW Vir

V2113 Ophiuchi

V533 Ophiuchi

W Cyg

W Orionis

X Ophiuchi

AAVSO SSP- 4 Programs Stars


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Modified 19 December 2006