Telescopes and Microscopes are two of the most well known instrument in science to identify or locate and item differently. These two major instruments had a huge role until today in different major science discoveries or to provide proofs in a certain phenomena or proof on different theories. Though these two instruments are like north and south on their purpose, they are always comparable with each other.

Both are well known to have their improvements way back to the dawn of 17th to 18th century, man has been known to developed and improved telescope eversince Galileo have tried to improved and make it more powerful, microscope has been the same with man continuously improving it to observed and see the smallest particle no longer visible to the naked eye. Both the Microscope and telescope are composed of different types and use, although overall, it’s main purpose is to the same and only differs on how powerful or what type of object it is looking or searching for.
Microscope is mostly found also in biology or chemistry labs for students, chemist and biologist. With each goal varies from one another one aims to make the farthest object as nearer and as clearer as possible and mostly large or bigger objects are being reduced here (telescope), while on the other hand, the other have the goal of providing the large version of the smallest object unseen but yet exist. The lenses of each one are also different since telescope is in need of a much bigger lens while the normal lens for microscope is already fine to be used. The eyepiece part is also changeable for telescope while the microscope adjustment should remain what is the standard.

To summarize the above differences, all in all Microscope is mostly used to look for the smallest objects that are not visible to our normal vision that includes the smallest organisms on certain areas and also those that are found on different objects or subjects like cells and other living organisms. On the other hand, Telescope is widely used and is being improved from time to time to reach out the farthest object and make it appear as visible as it should. That way using a Telescope is being widely used by Scientist, especially astronomers and stargazers to look at the outer space, see the constellations, planetary bodies and other heavenly objects.

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