Telescope with different types today have a long history of being used by early astronomers to observed and to monitor the space. Although it can be traced to early years with different artifacts about it’s first use. According to the historians, the first ever recorded used of telescope was during the 17th century. It was considered to be used by the Dutch in Netherlands during those times. It was even registered with a patent for a purpose of seeing far objects and make them appear as close as possible.

The news of it’s availability on the market during those days have made it spread like a wildfire until such time that it reach one of the famous person in history named: Galileo Galilei, being a well known instrument maker during those times, he was then able to design the most advanced and powerful telescope during those times and even attempted to present it to the government to improve it’s military. Some issues with Galileo’s “upgraded version” of the telescope are being a blurry image or some “incomplete” images of the object. He then made another major improvement by making a 4 feet long telescope and this time, it was able to ensure that the image was more of complete and much clearer. That version was even considered as thirty times much powerful than the first version of telescope.

Another design that is similar with Galileo is the telescope design by Johannes Kepler, with the invention of this powerful tool, not only for the military but to discover the planets and objects in our solar system. It was a bit unacceptable at first until Scheiner, a mathematician was able to to introduce it to the astronomers during those times. Then during the middle of the 17th century, the telescope length grew from 4 feet now at 14 to 16 feet in length.

It was during the 20th century when telescope with huge lengths has been developed with the purpose of astronomical discoveries with more vast added instruments. Today, Telescopes have evolved into different types and that includes radio telescope, ultraviolet, x-ray telescope, gamma rays telescope just to name a few. This telescope have now a wide range of use based on their types from being used to seek extra terrestrial objects, unusual movements from outer space. Telescope are now being enjoyed by individuals for stargazing or even those engage in the study of astronomy.